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TP-A Thermal Plate

Huaguang TP-A Thermal Plate is a special one for the medium- and high-grade thermal CTP plate-making. It is developed and manufactured independently by Lucky Huaguang Graphics Co.Ltd.

Huaguang TP-A Thermal Plate is a special one for the medium- and high-grade thermal CTP plate-making. It is developed and manufactured independently by Lucky Huaguang Graphics Co.Ltd.

This cost-effective plate enables users to enjoy high-performance printing at a low cost from the world first-class plate manufacturers. It is an ideal choice for typographers with high requirements of printing precision.

Huaguang TP-A Thermal Plate adopts an infrared laser with the wave of 830nm is used for exposure, and then the plate can be printed on the machine after being developed and processed. The plate can reach 80,000 impressions without baking and realize ultra-long printing after baking, which could meet the various demands in the printing business.

Stable property

The plate-making technology is stable, reliable and accurate, and has been well received by the industry. Adhering to these advantages, users can rest assured to use.

Huaguang TP-A Thermal Plate can provide consistent and foreseeable result and meet high-precision requirement with fast color tracking and excellent water-ink balance.

Good compatibility

Huaguang Thermal CTP Plate is easily operated with wide latitude of plate-making and developing. It is compatible with various models of popular thermal plate-setters in the market.

Complete in Specifications

Huaguang TP-A Thermal Plate provides various sizes of plates and packages, which could meet the requirements of different specifications.

Powerful services

Lucky Huaguang's powerful technical service team has superb technology and first-class service, allowing users rest assured to use.

Test items

Technical Specifications




Positive working and no preheating with excellent dot reproduction. The size, thickness and package are strictly stipulated.


High-quality grained and anodized aluminum substrate

Laser energy

120-140 mj/cm2
     (In order to achieve the highest print quality, the laser energy can make adjustments according to the type of imaging devices, developing conditions and resolutions).


Ordinary qualities in the general applications for short or long printing in the sheet-fed commercial market.

Thickness of substrate


Maximum width


Spectral sensitivity


Plate-setter compatibility

All the main thermal CTP plate-setters in the market.


Huaguang TPD-2 Developer is recommended

Output resolution

1-99% @ 200lpi

FM compatibility

AM(275lpi)/FM and mixture FM,20 micron line

Run length

Unbaked: 80,000 impressions with ordinary printing ink
     Baked: 1,000,000 impressions with ordinary printing ink
     Baked: 250,000 impressions with UV/EB ink.
     (Dependent upon the conditions including imaging resolutions, presses, chemicals, ink and paper.)


Within 2 hours in daylight

Shelf life

12months, under recommended storage conditions

Transport and storage

Recommended conditions: temperature 17-25℃& RH between 25-60% in package.
     Transported in terms of refrigerators.

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